The Villaware Crepe Maker: Creating a Legacy of Delicious French Pastries

July 9, 2012  |  Crepes maker

Everyone loves a good genuine French crepe. The sweet aroma, the decadent flavor — they are truly to die for. However, it is sometimes difficult to find access to one of these scrumptious pastries whenever the urge to indulge yourself strikes. That is why owning an at-home crepe maker, specifically the Villaware CucinaPro crepe maker, proves to be such a great convenience.

When you order from, you receive a griddle with a 12-inch diameter, an aluminum plate (non-stick), and a convenient batter spreader. The product offers five different temperature settings. You can also buy the Villaware crepe maker at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. If ordered online, the Villaware arrives in a timely manner, and ready to use immediately after delivery. Priced at $42.50, this product is a great purchase.¬†Overall, the Villaware receives raving reviews. It heats up extremely quickly, and it gets hot enough to cook the crepe evenly. It is built so that batter does not drip off the sides, but rather stays in the pan, and the included spreader works great. This crepe maker is easily cleaned — a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth will do the trick. The non-stick feature works like a charm — there is no need to grease the pan or do any type of prep before cooking. With practice, even those who are very inexperienced in the kitchen can whip up fast, delicious French pastries.

There are a few minor setbacks to this product. Several consumers report that the temperature control knob is quite flimsy, and actually broke off during use. Others complain that the plate does not fully heat up enough to form the correct consistency and texture of a true French crepe. One reviewer wrote that, no matter how the batter was prepared, the crepe would not brown even after cooking for over ten minutes. However, other customers reported having absolutely no problem with the temperature. For them, the plate heated up quickly and there were no issues with uneven cooking or a consistency that was too thick. Overall, the few setbacks to the Villaware crepe maker are greatly outweighed by the many advantages.

This crepe maker is so simple to use that even a beginner can quickly and easily learn to prepare decadent crepes. Not only that, but it can function as a great learning tool for those who want to expand their cooking horizons. Also, it is so inexpensive that even if you lose your taste for crepes after awhile, not too much money was lost.

Overall, the Villaware CucinaPro Crepe maker is a great product that gets fabulous reviews from buyers. This appliance makes it fast and easy to make genuine, delicious French pastries at any time. Think of all the money you will save once you can satisfy your craving for crepes at home, rather than having to go to a French restaurant to buy over-priced pastries. Not only that, but the satisfaction of knowing that you made them yourself makes the crepes taste even more delicious.

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