Electric Crepe Maker Review

July 9, 2012  |  Crepes maker

The CucinaPro 1448 12 Inch Griddle & Crepe Maker is a great
electronic appliance for making crepes without the hassle of normal
crepe makers. It has a 12 inch diameter griddle which is elevated on
the edges, preventing the batter from dripping down the sides. It has
a dimension of 14 inches * 4.2 inches *15.8 inches and is
considerably light,weighing in at 5 pounds. It also has a non-stick
aluminium plate that ensures the crepes dont stick even without spray
or butter. The CucinaPro also has 5 different temperature settings
for adjusting the heat during crepe making, the batter spreader is
also included and it has a power of 1000 watts.The electric crepe maker heats evenly and according to the temperature set,
ensuring that the crepes cook as desired with no burning as it has an
indicator that tells you when the crepe is ready. Due to the shape of
the griddle, the crepe maker produces even and well-shaped crepes that
dont have too many holes on them as many of the CucinaPro owners
review. This wonderful crepe maker is pocket-friendly as it comes
together with a wooden crepe spreader which would otherwise cost you.
The CucinaPro crepe maker is simple to use and fast as it has just
the on/off button and the temperature lever. This allows beginners in
crepe-making to make nice and tasty crepes while at the same time
providing comfort and safety while cooking the crepes as it comes
with a complete user manual and a crepe recipe inside too.

The electric crepe maker is easy to maintain as you only need too wipe it
with a cloth to clean it because the non-stick aluminium plate covers
for producing crepes without having them stick in the crepe maker.
This CucinaPro crepe maker goes easy on the wallet, is available
locally and it can also be ordered online.

Although a great appliance for making crepes, the CucinaPro 1448
Griddle & Crepe Maker has a few minor glitches, for example the
spreader is quite big but with skill and a little patience you can
work around its usage. Some owners’ review of the CucinaPro have the
opinion that the spreader is big but its better that way to reduce
the chances of burning yourself and it makes the turning of crepes
easier. The temperature control knob needs gentleness as it might
fall of if a considerable amount of force is applied on it.
The crepe maker also comes with a European plug,so it would be a
good idea to buy a US converter to help when plugging the crepe maker
in a wall socket.

All in all, the CucinaPro 1448 12 Inch Griddle & Crepe Maker has
to be a must-have appliance judging from the glowing reviews from
majority of its owners. Its ease of use and simplicity endears it to
anyone who wants to make tasty crepes as beginners can always refer
to the recipe included in the manual. It comes with a wooden batter
spreader and is cheap considering what it offers. The CucinaPro 1448 electric
crepe maker is available locally in retail stores or can be ordered

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