CucinaPro Griddle & Crepe Maker

July 7, 2012  |  Crepes maker

CucinaPro Griddle & Crepe MakerThe CucinaPro Griddle & Crepe Maker is easily one of the better products in this market as it offers convenience and great cooking at a low price. Even better, it can be bought at just about any major retailer, or at numerous online outlets. Overall, the CucinaPro has far more positives than negatives, and is definitely worth the investment for anyone interested in making some delicious crepes with little effort.

To start, the CucinaPro Crepe Maker is very quick. It takes only five minutes to heat up to cooking temperature, so the prep time is cut down to a minimum. The teflon surface makes the inside very easy to clean, as it is a nonstick material. This also allows for easy lifting once the crepe has been fully cooked, allowing for fully formed crepes every time. The machine itself is only 12 inches in diameter, so it’s easy to store after use. Also included in the package are a user manual and batter spreader, to ensure that all of the cookers needs are covered. The CucinaPro Crepe Maker does a very good job at cooking the crepes evenly, so burnt crepes shouldn’t be an issue. With such a quick heat up time and evenly spread cooking, any user should be able to produce multiple crepes in a short period, making this a great appliance for quick meals. It should also be noted that the CucinaPro has five different heat settings. Many people like their crepes at a different consistency, so various heat settings are a must. The lower heat will create a fluffier, more dense crepe, while a higher heat will cook quickly and make a more crisp crepe. Covering all the bases, the CucinaPro is ideal for making crepes for any palate.

Some reviewers have left a mixed bunch of comments on some downsides of the CucinaPro, but nothing that seems consistent enough to outweigh the benefits of this product. While some mentioned that the appliance was not put together well, these comments were mostly overshadowed by applause for it’s effectiveness. Also, some people had made comments noting that the provided batter spreader may be too big for the CucinaPro’s surface, but others mentioned that it works more than fine, and does a great job at stirring and picking up finished crepes. In sum, while there are a few downsides, it seems they were mostly user dependent, and most people should find no flaws in the CucinaPro Crepe Maker.

CucinaPro Griddle & Crepe Maker

Coming in at only five pounds, and a convenient storage size of 12 inches in diameter, the CucinaPro appears to be a fantastic product. It’s easy to store, easy to handle, and can produce great crepes in a short time frame. Heating up only takes five minutes, which gives any cook plenty of time to make a batter, and get ready to pour. And at such an affordable price, the CucinaPro is a tough deal to pass up, and seeing how it can be found in stores and online, it’s certainly a kitchen appliance worth looking into for anyone interested in making some professional style crepes.

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